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Rules for Bridge For Fun tourneys:

All must follow the rules of BBO and below are the rules for our tourneys.

  • If you plan to play, plan to stay.

  • Non Playing Director

  • Zero Tolerance of Rude behavior. Please be nice to partner. opponents and TD's. Treat the game as if it was happening in your house.

  • Bad behavior should be reported to:

  • Many of our tourneys do not have undos. Watch what you click. Keep those mice moving and claim when you can.

  • English is used for inquiries, conventions and alerting.

  • Announce your system and carding at the start of each new round.

  • Explain your bid when asked in detail and not just the name of the convention.

  • Disconnected partners may be reseated but only with permission from the sub who was nice enough to sit in. Partner must request the director to make the change once agreed upon.

  • If you need a director, please press call director button. Private chats can be easily missed.

  • No stalling. Valid claims should be accepted.

  • Dummy must be silent.

  • Absolutely no No PSYCHE bids allowed.

  • If you miss registration. please sign in at sub desk once we begin.

 Good Luck, good bridge and most of all have fun!

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