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Brigdge Base Online - BBO

All our tourneys are held in BBO :)


acbl ~ American Contract Bridge League

BBO ~ Bridge Base Online

bridgebase and bridge discussions forum ~ BridgeBase Forums

BBO ~ Learn to Play Bridge ~ -

Learn to play bridge - written by Fred Gitelman, software by Bridge Base Inc, presented by American Contract Bridge League acbl

BBO ~ the rules of this site ~ -

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bridge bookstores  bridge books and supplies  bridge books

bridge books often suggested are: Winning Declarer Play, and Bid Better, Play Better, revised, both by Dorothy Hayden Truscott; Audrey Grant's Better Bridge Series "Basics" book, 1995, by Audrey Grant; 25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know, and 25 More Bridge Conventions You Should Know, both by Seagram, Smith, And Bird; The Play of the Hand at Bridge by Louis Watson; Card Play Technique By Victor Mollo; Killing Defence at Bridge by Hugh Kelsey; and a novel Murder at the Bridge Table by Granovetter.


BridgeGuys bridge conventions

Karen's Bridge Library

Karen's Bridge Library

Phillip Alder columns

Phillip Alder Bridge ~ famous bridge lesson columns

Stayman and Jacoby transfer conventions

Stayman and Jacoby transfer conventions in complete detail


bridge systems, conventions and articles

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