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I would like to be a member my BBO name is greensolar


I have been playing bridge with fly54 for many years in BBO. I m a techer in a high school.I was blacklisted in your tourn because of my contacts and my partner. Then I apologized. I startde play in your tourn.In case I do not do anything ı was blacklisted again.Please Correct this situation.Sincerelly yours.


If you want to play in our tourneys, you have to log into BBO - Bridge Base Online.


Welcome and thanks for joining our group. I am sure you will find many friends in our tourneys.

Pat Boykin



Hi Bramhall here I've just signed up, is Micheal B about

Looking forward to some Bridging Fun

Nan Bramhall

Pat Boykin


Pat Boykin


Pat Boykin

Want to play


You can sign in by clicking Sign in as member in the menu


You can sign in by clicking Sign in as member in the menu

Pat Boykin

Want to play

Pat Boykin

Want to play

Pat Boykin

I want to play bridge

Pat Boykin

Pat Boykin

lets play

Pat Boykin

Want to play


would like to become member in B4F2 kindly guide me.


To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to become a member. I see no place on home page where a new member can request membership. Thank you, Tom (reliant_0)

lance prescott

Would like to become member



Anna Minasyan


Director Vania (Van61) replace me every time when i call him for sub. He told me 'İ am not a robot' !!!!

His behaviour is very unpolite, you must know that,


Anna Minasyan (BUBUM)


was a adv player

Anna Minasyan

Today Monday 18/01/2016 when i played at Tournament b4f2 i called him because S didnt bid, at least come and replaced S. But the new player didnt bid too, so i call Dir again and he throw me out of the tournament !!!!!!! i didnt know the reason. He told me 'you cant call me twice' !!!! he was very unpolite.

İ played several times at that tournament but up now never again.


Hello, I played a JUKEBOX tournament on 03.01.2016, at the end of board 2, 3 cards left and enough minutes to the end of the round, I had a power outage and was offline around 2 min, when I log in BBO, saw that I am replaced. Contacted both TD's ApWarD and babett200, according to your rule №9 "Disconnected partners may be reseated..." both refused to do so, ApWarD said : "tourney is too big to reseat players", and babett200 was even more accurate "2 min wait not possible" and "that is not possible" about reseating, even suppose "I teach y as TD and you can do my work ok?" when I asked why nobody wait to give oportunity to return... just got email by babett200 that I am now blacklisted... so I wanted to ask is this a normal behaviour for TD's and what about rules ? JUKEBOX was one of my favorite tournaments and it is a pitty to be ruled like this...

tapas kumar kundu

My nick is tapaskk. I was booted from early bird by gokay33 two days ago. Then faunda reseated me. But again that person booted me without any reason instantly. I admit that gokay is in my ignore list. I am reporting for appropriate decission as deem fit to your esteem club.

I submitted a photo saved as BeaJa this morning; however, I don't know where the headline is so I can identify it as BeaJa in the Photo Gallery. How do I do this and do I need to resubmit the photo?


You just click on "Sign in as member" in the menu and fill in your BBO nick and your mailaddress. Thanks for joining our Group.

Rick Holzman

I enjoy your website and would like to join your group. How do I register?


I am trying to become a member as Pax_infini but after filling in subscription information, no email has been received with link to confirm my membership.


I have added you as member, wlc and ty for joining our group


How do I sign up?


Because you have been extremely rude to one of our TD's


why Blacklist me pls removed.


Hello Sylwia, you can just register in any of our tourneys. Thanks for joining our Group.



To Whom it may concern,

Woul you please enroll me into any of your tournaments.

I am an advanced bridge player. My nick on BBO is "jutecki"

Thank you kindly


I tried to join but got a please wait... msg. Don't know if I have actually joined.


I hope I am writing these lines for the benefit of the game in general.

The TDs main task is to help the players and to insure the keeping of the fairness of the game.

We all would be happy if every player would announce the system and alert artificial bids.

In the last period of time, I have noticed a tendency between the TDs to get rid of the players who ask for fairness. So if, for example, I ask the TD

to help me because the opponents made an artificial bid which wasn?t alerted, the TD rather removes me than to try to sort out the problem. The excuse is I am delaying the game. So the TD?s aim is to finish the job as quick as possible, which in most of the time it is not to the benefit of the game or to the pleasure of the players. Do you know how frustrating is to discover a bid which wasn?t alerted? It changes the whole defence and can bring a bad result. And, worse, the players are looked to with suspicion and distrust.

The second observation addressed to the TDs is about the actual fitness to be a TD. Some of the TDs think their place there is to remove players and they are very proud to do it. They want to show who is the boss. My opinion is this type the people are not fit to be TD. I have noticed one TD who introduced himself like this (all in caps): ?Pay attention: I am here to direct this tourney. Players should know who I am?. Who he thinks he is? His ego is too big to direct bridge tourneys. No wonder he was very satisfied he removed 11 players in one tourney. The TD are there to help the players to enjoy the tourney not to hate it.

On the other hand there are lots of disturbing players, who lack of politeness and kindness, who forgot this game is a gentlemen?s game and play it like going to war. I agree this type of players must be dealt with firmness, but in a correct way. There are TDs who abuse their position. And if they have to remove a player, they should explain what are the reasons behind such a severe measure. But most of them keep quiet and don?t offer any reason. Then they are others who come to your table and start counting, 1, 2.... and the player doesn?t know what is going on, maybe he or she was thinking how to play. It is annoying and puts an unnecessary pressure on the player. And there are others on the English tournaments who can hardly understand what he or she is talking about. To these TDs I would suggest to brush up their English.

Hoping I made myself clear and I congratulate all the TDs for their voluntary work.

Kind regards



This is a great site. I look forward to playing in the Bridge Fun Games


You can read more about that if you go to the menu to the left and click TCR and MCR.


It was reported that my completion of tourney is low. That is not true. I used to play many tourney about 2 years back and at present i dont play many tourney but i never leave tourney uncompleted.


Hello Mostafa.

Ty for joining our Group. If you signt in as member in the menu you can fill out your profile too.


mostafa elsisy

i would like to be a member

my bbo nickname is moselsisy5


You are most welcome Lucille. If you want to join our Group just sign in as member.


Lucille weinberger

I would like to try out your site

Lucille weinberger

Would like to try out as a guest



I am sorry you think i disrespected you. Yes our motto is bridge for fun, but it isnt fun when you as a player consede every contract even the tricks were yours or you might be only one down. Thats why replaced you, as you were ruining the whole tourney with your actions. As a TD we cant see whats been said at table unless we are at the table. If your partner told you idiot you should have called a TD imediately and actions would have followed. I am not pleased to tell this in public, but seems the only way. And i wont answer anything again about this subject.



Now it just so happens that I am blacklisted from the B4F2 tourney's. Interesting how that happens everyone. No response here. I can only assume Kirsten221 took immediately action at BBO within her tourney and didn't bother checking here.

Glad I PrntScrn'd the 'blacklist' part today. Got it already sent to a Desi at BBO. Should have rectification within a few days. If not, I'm motivated to get reg'd with every bridge related site known to man(google to) and send my attachments in.

Disrespect like this Kirsten221 will not be tolerated one minuscule second ESPECIALLY by a (co-assistant leads/manager), TD, host, etc etc etc.

Sad thing is, it didn't have to get to this and this is just the beginning now. Just a simple response(which all will see from first attachment) and correction would have sufficed.

If you were 'nice' these posts and everything I am getting ready to do over this situation through your improper actions wouldn't of had any 'importance'.


Kirsten221...any reason you removed me from the bbo #7458 tourney today? You asked me this "Kirsten221 (Private): do you know anything at all about bridge" THEN immediately remove me without a chance to answer.

Regardless of any answer or not...isn't this Bridge for Fun? That was NOT fun at all. Especially when my partner was rude and stated this "ducdid06→Table: idiot".

Since you DID NOT have any respect to answer my questions on there maybe you'll answer here. Btw all this is being PrntScrn for further proof and if needed(untop of the abuse report I sent already at bbo) I will be sending any and all attachments to every bridge forum/coordinator on the net.

Your impatient and improper removal is 100% unacceptable to me...especially...when "ducdid06→Table: idiot" states that on table chat with nothing done.

So Bridge for Fun is actually for rude players just like the host?

Hopefully you can explain yourself here and in the bbo report. Let's hope it doesn't go any further than this as I hate for you to lose more respect from any and all members(or even future members).

Thx and gl with your much needed response.


cliff well

want to play as a guest for now


Sorry I dont understand what you mean.


You can read more about TCR and MCR just click in the menu


In my opinion, you are not right.

Pavier Simpson

Analogues are available?


Hi I am trying to join the early bird tournament and I get a message that I cannot join cause o a low tournament completion rate. I am sure I have finished all tournaments I started. Please help


Interested in playing in your tournaments


Thanks alot for joining our group. I am sure you will have lots of fun with all the nice people here.


would like 2 become a member

Dorothy Garrison

Enjoy your Tournaments. Nice friendly atmosphere.


You Just log into and go to free tourneys. There you will find our tourneys.


how do I find a game?


Hello Jane

I have put you in the members list. Ty for joining our group.

Jane O'Callaghan

I would like to join




I am sorry to say, but i think you have posted this at wrong site. We have nothing to do with pebcat's tourneys.


hello sir pebcat! are gg61 and are very sad that they are blacklisted (it is the first time something like this happens to me) I'm not a fugitive, I hate it but then had to leave because of emergency child was to fall from balcony ! I love your contest organized because people are very polite, very much please play my joy to participate in this wonderful tournament, say thank you very much for your understanding and wish you good health and more rewarding!


All our tourneys are running on BridgeBaseOnline / BBO

Just click this link and look for B4F2 tourneys


how do I join a game..not sure about the set up here.thanx


Hello omorfos welcome and ty for joining our group


hi,can I joining you?BBO nickname:omorfos


Hello Janet, i have added you to our members list. If you want to add something to your profile, just register in " sign in as member" then you can go to members profile.

Thanks alot for joining our group

Janet Powell

wish to become a member BBO name jpowell


looking forward to trying this out.

dar tougga


David Nash

Nice tournament, civilized people


Just clik on Sign in as member in the menu bar. Ty for joining


Just clik on Sign in as member in the menu bar. Ty for joining


how do I become a member

Glenda Seamons

i wish to become a member


Usted es un miembro de B4F Barbara se encuentra en nuestro Perfil Con�ctese


Look in the menu bar "Links" and you will find a link to BBO


estoy o no soy miembro de bff


how to link BBO to this site?


Hello losesome.

You cant go to our tourneys from our site.

You need to log into BBO and find our tourneys there and register as you do in all


Ty for joining us again


update - I now have a password - after resetting it - but I still see nothing to click on to get to the tables and just signing in is not getting me there. What am i missing?


I have a BBO name and used it to try to sign up for this site. I don't know what password I used and have asked to it to be found for me with no luck. I have also tried making up a new one and it isn't accepted. My name is on the members list - yet i am unable to get to the tables to play. Please advise me what to do.





Ty for joining our group. I have added you to our memberslist. But please register as member. Please click "sign in as member" in menu and register.

Thanks again Kirsten


I pls player turnament

W.S. Bandy

Thank you for this opportunity to practice.

Cliff Shea

I love your tourney

Illegal Immigration Statistics

I adore forgathering useful info, this post has got me even more info! .


Hello Alojka.

Ty for joining our group. Please go to "sign in as member" in the menu and you will be registered as member.Jola



Hello Kirsten,

I'd like to join to the bridge fun club. What can I do?

Thank you



Good site sincerely, January Tobacco


Have tried to play a couple of times, but are not allowed to participate is rejected with this message "thn:Blocked - historical Tourney Completion Percentage is lower than that required by this tournament" - have been ill for a very long time.

Please allow me to play again

yours truly


thorben n�rgaard


Hi Lynn.

Ty for joining our group. I have added you to our members list. If you want to fill out your profile please register by clicking - Sign in as member - in the menu.


I want to join the bridge for fun club


Hello kadri49

You are added to our members list

ty for joining our group


yapamıyorum=no confirm


hi ,I signed up. yapamı confirmation can I do?

best regards

Carol Beck


I'm interested in joining




When you want to get trained and become a TD just look at our frontpage in the botton. You will get information how to contact us. Thank you for your interest .


One day I too would like to be a director, but not right now. Is there a place to sign up later to learn how?


cannot join Hornets tourney.... Why?


what is historical trny percentage? i cant play b4f2-trnys. please help


i registered as a new member but so far am not able to play any bridge. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? my e-mail addy is


*Cards on the Table* - Agatha Christie. Great Hercule Poirot mystery set at a bridge game.


Why have a rule that bids must be explained? I always thought the interesting part of bridge was the communication of bidding without explanations.


Would love to pilot the game


wow great that aready so many members..:)


I meet the tuesday 28 october during my holiday in Cairo a bridge professor Ashraf Wanas during a bridge course at 2 ladies Caroline and Laly. I want to enter in contact with the professor to send him a photo. Can you give me his mail adress and the name of this school. Tahanks a lot. Charles


Hi Its nice having you as member. If you cant enter a tourney, please ask the TD, why you cant register.


hi, i'm glad to be member of BFF. I ask why i cant register to paly in bbf tourn? ty...


You can either log in as member and put your photo in your profile. Or you can send it to, and I will put your photo ine Photo Gallery


If you click on Results in the Menu Bar you will get the links for all resulst on BBO. The results will be shown there 15 min after the tourney has finished.

Edna Ilana Mendon�a Rocha Lima

Nice to meet you...Join us:)

Edna Ilana Mendon�a Rocha Lima

Edna Ilana Mendon�a Rocha Lima

It's easy. Play the B4F2 tourneys..

Edna Ilana Mendon�a Rocha Lima

Edna Ilana Mendon�a Rocha Lima

Good that you liked it and that your community is here.

Edna Ilana Mendon�a Rocha Lima

Edna Ilana Mendon�a Rocha Lima

Ok. we hope that you liked it...hi too

Edna Ilana Mendon�a Rocha Lima

Edna Ilana Mendon�a Rocha Lima

Yes, very good that you could join the site.

Edna Ilana Mendon�a Rocha Lima

Edna Ilana Mendon�a Rocha Lima

Ok. enjoy and meet som friends.

Edna Ilana Mendon�a Rocha Lima

Edna Ilana Mendon�a Rocha Lima are very welcome.

Edna Ilana Mendon�a Rocha Lima

Edna Ilana Mendon�a Rocha Lima

yes, very welcome.

Edna Ilana Mendon�a Rocha Lima

Yes, you are very welcome.

Edna Ilana Mendon�a Rocha Lima

Edna Ilana Mendon�a Rocha Lima

Yes, very nice that you are here...Enjoy.

Edna Ilana Mendon�a Rocha Lima

Edna Ilana Mendon�a Rocha Lima

Have a nice time!

David Leake

Great Site! We are a new group of English Ex Pats now living in Southern Spain and we have just found out about BBO (We are a bit behind the times).

Check out our web site:

My BBO user name is; Nerja Man so look out for me on BBO.




I am new here..First post to just say hi to all community.




I'm from up north:) and I think I found a new spot to hangout

So, what's everyone think about the Olympics?



I'm here online for the kids of Haiti.

I'm here for a non-profit group that devotes themselves to

building oppurtunities for the children in haiti. If anybody wants to give money then this is the site:

Donate to Haiti or Help Haiti

They provide children in Haiti a positive outlook through education.

Please check it out, they're a real cause.

Any help would be great


i would like to join you


How do I beciome a member? I have tried several times and am told an email will be sent to be that I must click on the link, but no email ever arrives.

Please Help Apple

KenDog, pls tell me why i can not play in B4F tourneys!

today i was not able to sub in b4f tourney, i don't understand why!


Keep up the good work, back soon :roll:

:arrow: Http:// :tongue:

Tori Coombes

I like this site!

Corey Modich

Wow, you guys...

I'm so proud that you guys are still going strong after all this time. It really brings tears of joy into my eyes to see this community going strong despite things it had to overcome in the past. I wish you guys the best of luck and to keep on going on strong.

For those who don't remember me I was +checker on the Zone and I was the one who got Ann to get into Bridge hosting and then a daughter community of Zone Checkers Rooms, Happy Bridge Group was born.


Corey Modich

AKA +checker


If money does not bring happiness ..... let alone the misery!


Great site---lots of neat stuff and fun things--- and who wouldn't like the Music!!!


Its nice to be here. how I can identify BFF member playing on BBO, as I'm really would like to play together with them

jack traver

cajunjack here


You can either create your profile and put your photo there or send it to BFF_BridgeForFun. and I will add your photo.



i would like to add my photo there....what can i do?


proud to B4F!


Thanks to all my friends on .:*"*:. Bridge For Fun (B4F) and old Happy Bridge Group (HBG) from .:*"*:. Birthday Bash was enjoyable with you all fantastic people, hugs everyone.. I love you all my fear friends!!!

I like B4F ! It's great !!!

gabi4444 gabi1st

hello all's nice to be here


I wish everyone nice plays and music and lots of love.


How do you look back to see a tournament results?

etfjz kin62

CiCMO, t3s06 , qznin


Have problems to log on this site. Thanks!



Welcome to a newcommer on BBO!

.:*''*:. Avivlmnz31 .:*""*:.

she need help to organize his profile...

Send her a CHAT and fix everything with her!


.:*''*:. To all my partners, friends from and opponents (*_*) thanks and congratulations for who you're and to be for me as young bridger - I learn a lot with you all .:*''*:. Peace and love everyone! Monaca ;-)


I want to become a member in your club.please do the needful. I am playing in bbo as maha48.

with regards




I just want to thank all for the nice tournaments and for the sympathies of all directors and players. I enjoyed very much!!


just cant help it I am mesmerized by your skills

on the PC,it is the best tournament for me to participate sorry I am not a expert as yet I get there one of this days if I live long enough


my nick name wasnt written please correct it my name is metin teskin


That's why I care for one lady at the time!



i am 2times on your list -

one please cancel

foxxtrot ~ Louise

8)Many thanks to Bridge for Fun for making my birthday special. Thank your Kirsten Angel John and all B4F directors. xoxo Louise


I want to thank all of B4F for sympathies and condolencs for my campanion and p cotton_gin. She is now at Peace and asleep foreever...............I do Thank you All


the most convivial tourney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!good music good play nice TDS:tongue:NICE MUSIC



Sorry, I wanted to come and were on your home-page and so I didn`t see your message. Next time I hope, I can play in yqur nice tournier. Happy new Year!! edera


hi forun


I invite you to visit:


(*) We've a star for everyone of us

(*) one for you and one for me (*)

:roll: like to play bridge sayc hi enc for fun :roll:

Thanks for tourney!

-:|:- Kirsten -:|:- camj -:|:- fly_angel -:|:- John_B -:|:- John 2th -:|:-

Hugs,s,s,s,s,s,s,s :D


I'm so glad so many friends from the Zone made it to BBO and for all I have met since I got there! I hope to meet many more!

mea culpa

Thank you not only for the kindly tournaments...ALSO for the wonderful music!

Rita Barzouka

Wonderful Music


I really am a little put off at being referred to as a "nervous ninny", as I already had over 3 1/2 years and some 2000= tourneys hosted before I even thought about going to BBO....ah well since I stepped right up and was doing 4 a day for a few months, I won't let it bother me that much!

Ken aka KenDog

foxxtrot ~~ louise

My dear bridge partner MARYUSA is very very ill with her Lupus and has been in the hospital a long time. I have her updates at on the message board. Thanks for your Bridge For Fun Family Luv to her. Louise


I have watched KenDog develop from a nervous ninny on his first day as Host to the provocative tower of strength he is today. We have supported each other. Professional type bridge .. at last


i was asked this last night: how to take a screenshot to send to wordpad-diminish wordpad to taskbar 2.put what you want to copy on screen 3. press 'alt' and 'printscreen' at the same time 4.bring up wordpad on edit-select paste 5.copy will appear on wordpad file-save to documents 7.close wordpad 8.mail to abuse -- i hope we never need to use this!

Ann Fyall

great meeting the gang from HBG and all other players. do so appreciate all the Directors


nice to meet up with others from the zone


Your little moving cartoons are nice. Where and how might I get them? Thanks


My condolences to my Turkish partners and friends who are fans of football (probably all of them) regarding the passing of Mr. Hasan Dogan, the Chairman of the Turkish Football Federation. My thoughts are with his family and friends and fans. Louise


Thanks a lot foxxtrot :blink:


Hi I noticed under "BBO Clubs" you have Hornet's Nest BBO Club URL listed as the site of a suspension bridge company (wrong kind of bridge - lol). Their website, Hornet's Nest, is :wink:


Today it was the first time i played in your tourney and was really excited i like that song's story....ty for the new songs i learned:)!h



:)Thanks Kirsten and others for fun bridge.

Bert W.

finally, good bridge!


thank you, Kirsten......hugs to all


Hi Lizzie.

You are already in as member.


Help!! cannot sign up as a member..been trying for days now.thank you all.


Thank you for joining bridgebase. Let's have fun while playing the game we love and bridging the world through our play.


Welcome All to our group BRIDGE FOR FUN

We are looking forward to meet old and new friends.

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